Solar modules

Our customized PV modules for business customers

As an experienced photovoltaic wholesaler, we offer you access to a wide range of module manufacturers. We stock our main partners such as TRINA Solar, Hyundai, Hanersun and Sunrise Energy. Our product range is geared towards the current performance classes and needs of our partners and customers.
Trina Solar is known worldwide for its high-quality photovoltaic products and innovative solutions. With an impressive range of solar modules, Trina Solar not only offers efficiency and reliability, but also sets standards in terms of sustainability. The modules are characterized by state-of-the-art technology, impressive performance guarantees and outstanding energy production. Available products:
  • Trina Vertex S + NEG28R.28 - dual-glass, black frame, with 440wp or 445wp Link to data sheet
  • Trina Vertex S+ NEG28RC.27 - dual-glass, bifacial with 430wp or 435wp Link to data sheet
Hyundai Solar Panels Hyundai Solar Panels Hyundai Solar Panels
Hyundai offers 2 variants of modules. The G12 PERC Shingled modules include both the 415wp model with black frame and the 410wp model in full black. We place special emphasis on highlighting the shingled technology, product and performance guarantee and efficiency of these modules. The application of HJT technology gives Hyundai's solar modules outstanding resilience and performance. Available products
Hyundai Solar Panels Hyundai Solar Panels Hyundai Solar Panels
Discover Hanersun's state-of-the-art solar panels that allow you to generate energy efficiently and reliably. We offer a variety of panels for your solar installation needs, including the outstanding 430wp Full Black, Dual Glass, Bifacial model. The 20-year warranty has been specially negotiated for our Varus Energy customers by Hanersun. Available products
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