RCT Power - Varus Energy

High-voltage technology from the Bodensee
RCT Power GmbH is a manufacturer of inverters and stationary storage solutions for private residential buildings.
The commpany is based in Constance on Lage Constance. Here, an experienced team of experts from the field of power electronics works on innovative products, quality and service are the key to success. This applies in particular to the solar industry.
RCT attaches great importance to simple and flexible solutions that are particularly sustainable and reliable. The new high-voltage technology from RCT creates a completely new feeling of solar independence.
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RCT Power Battery (Modular)

RCT Power Battery (Modular)

flexible and upgradeable

  • nominal capacity: 3,8kWh/5,7kWh/7,6kWh/9,6kWh/11,5kWh
  • 5000 cycles at 80% Remaining capacity
  • nominal voltage 154V/230V/307V/384V/461V
  • Maximum charge/ discharge current 20A/20A
  • Batterytechnology LiFeP04
  • Fair value guarantee: 10 years
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                          • available

RCT Power Storage DC

Battery inverters for storage systems

RCT Power Storage AC

Battery inverter for the expansion of PV-systems

  • AC-nominale power 4000W/6000W
  • Maximum active power 4000W/6000W
  • Maximum apparent power 6300VA/6300VA
  • DC-voltage range 120V…600V
  • Number of feed phases: 3
  • Maximum efficiency (Battery – Network) 96,62%
  • Maximaler efficiency (Network – Battery) 96,41%
  • product guarantee 5 years
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                          • available

RCT Power Inverter

Photovoltaic inverter

  • Max. recommended DC Power 5000W/7500W
  • DC-rated capacity 4200W/6300W
  • AC-rated capacity 4000W/6000W
  • 2 MPP Tracker can be connected in parallel
  • Number of feed phases: 3
  • ownconsumption: <4,0W
  • maximum efficiency: 98,16%
  • Product guarantee 5 years
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                          • available

RCT Power Switch

Backup power for DC storage systems

  • automatic switchover in the event of a power failure
  • switch-on delay when switching over 5-10 seconds
  • use battery and PV Systems as energy sources
  • Recharge the battery from the PV system
  • either 3-phase or 1-phase
  • easy installation
  • retrofittable
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                          • available

RCT Power Sensor

RCT Power Sensor 50/100

  • very high accuracy when determining house consumption
  • minimal network connection due to best reaction time
  • user-friendly installation
  • Maximum current: 3 x 50/ 3 x 100 A
  • accuracy: 1,5%
  • Dimensions evaluation unit: 91 x 72 x 44 mm
  • Cable length current sensor: 1m
  • IP-protection class: IP20
  • Installation Type: DIN-rail mounting/flap sensor
  • Power Inverter interface: current loop
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                          • available