The Varus Energy GmbH is a young, innovative company.

The corporate guidelines reflect the core values ​​of the company.

They are used for orientation of all employees and managers on forward-looking core values ​​and success criteria.

They illustrate our customers transparently this corporate culture and associated expectations. 

They provide a guideline for a common, value-oriented self-image.

They also serve customers as an expression of reliability and openness.

They are the cornerstones of confidence building trust in a constantly changing and growing market.

Core Mission


We support and respect one another and emphasize a helpful, trusting and target-oriented cooperation. Sensibility, the willingness to listen and tactful handling determine the fair and constructive interaction with each other.


Our customers guide our action and they are the pacemaker of success.

Only satisfied customers are long-term, regular trade partners.

Our products and services must therefore be useful for our customers and, uif possible, be availabe at the agreed time, in the quality required, at the best possible price.

Performance / quality

The quality refers to our strategic and operational actions, and includes products and every performance. We strive for simple, fast and targeted workflows.

We work carefully, efficiently and cost-conscious from the very beginning.

Priority - in spite of success orientation - is given to mutual respect, fairness and tolerance.

All employees of Varus Energy GmbH ensure day after day, that life and work are oriented according to these values ​​and this corporate culture.

Varus Energy- for a brighter future!


Varus Energy GmbH
Hammelweg 72a
46509 Xanten-Vynen

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